About the Film


According to local legend, a great monster was slain in battle many centuries ago by a courageous hero. In the present day, however, while most in the small British town of Anghenfil have heard the story of this monster, not many believe it.

One day, that all changes. This is the story of that day - the day the monster returns, the day a new hero emerges, and the day the fate of the town is sealed.

Filmed on location at the Williamson Tunnels, West Kirby, Ellesmere Port, Crank Caverns, and Thor’s Stone.



About Me

Some of you reading this might already know me (especially if you’re an indie filmmaker in the North-West!). My name is Ryan Garry, I’m a director who’s had work shown at BFI Southbank and the Liverpool Small Cinema. I’ve also organised and hosted several events for filmmakers in the North West - including NW Filmmakers at FACT and IndieFlicks Liverpool.

Feel free to get in touch with me using the ‘Contact Me’ page if you have any questions about the film or about my work.